Medical Office Management Services (MOMS) is a customer-focused organization that strives to provide medical businesses with services they can count on. We are real people, doing real work on your behalf. Established in 2001, we have helped a wide range of clients address multiple internal concerns, including human resources management, billing and collection services, financial services and accounting, credentialing, strategic planning and development, and information technology. We strive to provide services our clients can count on so they can focus on what really matters - helping patients and growing their practice. Here is a look at some of the specialties that we have and can provide services to:


We provide a host of important services to physicians with the intention of helping them grow their practice by promoting, maintaining, and restoring health in patients. Some of the services we provide local physicians include:
  • Information technology and communications
  • Billing and collection services
  • Strategic planning and development
  • Human resources services
  • Training staff
  • Ensuring that the staff knows how to use all computer systems and software
In addition to relieving physicians of the direct costs of employing billing personnel, there is also the elimination of supervising billing personnel. Many physicians spend too much time focusing on the financial details of running a practice, instead of focusing all their attention on providing excellent patient care.
Personalized and simplified management to understand your business growth needs.