Financial services and accounting and are an important aspect of any medical practice. From billing patients for the care and medications they received to paying your staff and investing in state-of-the-art medical equipment, having a good handle on your company’s financial status is imperative to your success. Established in 2001, Medical Office Management Services (MOMS) provides a broad scope of financial services that you can count on.

Having a team of independent individuals dedicated to your practice prevents cash flow interruptions caused by practice staff turnover and time off. Our efficient and effective processes and oversight of your billing and collections function ensures steady, consistent cash flow, which is critical for the financial stability of the organization. By using MOMs for all your finance needs, you will have the time to focus on what really matters - your patients, staff, and practice.

MOMS partners with physicians and practice leadership to better understand and offer recommendations in the day to day functioning of the medical office. There are numerous elements that must be addressed in order for a business to run smoothly, and the finances is an important one. We will take the time to understand your financial status and come up with a customized plan that is in line with your goals and take into consideration your overhead costs. You will no longer have to worry about the small details, we will take care of that for you.

About Our Financial Services and Accounting

The financial well-being of the organization is crucial to its sustainability. Strong revenue cycle management and oversight enables physician leadership to make financial decisions based on current, accurate information:
  • Assist with selection of banking partner.
  • Access to startup and ongoing financing
  • Provide revenue cycle services to include:
    • Billing and collection services
    • Bookkeeping and accounting services up through corporate and personal tax preparation and filing
    • Practice budget management services
  • Provide daily, weekly and monthly financial reports
  • Business and personal tax savings strategies

Our financial planning team understands what an undertaking it is to deal with your medical company’s finances, on top of running an efficient and successful practice. This is why we offer such detailed and customized financial planning services. We don’t want you to have to worry about billing and collection services or daily financial reports, because we are here to do that for you. For more information on our financial services and accounting, please do not hesitate to contact MOMS today.